We signed a teaming agreement with a well renowned water piping systems manufacture and supply company called Sizabantu Piping System. We are empowered to distribute plastic piping solutions for portable reticulations and bulk water supply lines. We provide professional consultation, advice and assists with the construction and operation of pumping stations and other infrastructure.

Ekuseni pipes systems supply a wide range of piping product. Our specific focus is on utility market and supplying appropriate technology plastic pipe solutions in Infrastructure, Agriculture, Mining and Industrial market sectors in Southern Africa.

We offer SABS approved quality piping system, lighting, electrical components and plumbing materials.
All our materials and pipe specifications are accredited through Sizabantu accreditation processes.
Given the fact that some of our competitors who have been established over many years have a gap that need to be filled by small piping systems companies as well as in the electrical and plumbing supplies, we at Ekuseni have decided to take the bull by its horn and find reality in the economic freedom of previously disadvantaged individuals in South Africa. We believe that as small suppliers we will be able to deliver to the smallest project in the neighbourhood as well as to the large construction projects.

We have excellent logistics network and partners that covers most of the parts of our provinces.

Our Moto is to close the gap in the market at competitive prices and good turnaround times.

We also on a project with an objective of addressing the unemployment mostly in the townships and the rural communities. Our projects focus on youth and women empowerment with the aim of entering them in the industrial and commercial space that will empower them to participate meaningfully in Property Management and Construction Industry. his will also enhance and contribute towards Township and Rural Economies.

The gap in the South African market is the fact that African business / entrepreneurs are not participating meaningfully in the sophisticated retail space. Our goal is to close that gap through innovative sales and distribution strategies. We want our people to buy from one another in order to promote economic development in their own areas. This would instill the culture of hard work, good customer services, values and consistency in customer service.

We believe that the opportunity is immense since our company will promote a one on one customer and buying experience.

Our target market is wide but also focused. We want to reach all spheres or categories of customers within the construction and property management space.

The competitive advantage that we have in the market is that our company is small and flexible. We do not have to go through a tedious chain of command to make
strategic and important decisions. Our pricing is competitive and we have a wide network distribution throughout South Africa at competitive prices. We pride ourselves with our staff who are technically competent with good product knowledge.

We offer our regular and big spending customers payment terms with incentives if they keep to the agreed principle.